Change by Choice

The ability to change for the better shouldn’t be left to chance. That’s why we aim to equip our young people with the tools they need to make the choices that will drive positive change in their lives. We offer a varied curriculum that is accessible regardless of barriers to learning, as well as being challenging and personalised to each pupil’s specific needs. This is delivered through an innovative curricular offer designed to develop resilience, risk management and teach independence, as well as improve social skills and employability.

Creating Positive Futures

Our dedicated and innovative education practitioners provide a calm, safe and supportive environment, where pupils feel important, valued and in control of their own futures. Motivated by delivering the best outcomes for all of the young people in their care, our education team works alongside a Pastoral Support Team and expert Therapy and Psychology Team (TaP Team), which includes Speech, Language and Communication Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Educational Psychologists and Psychotherapeutic Counsellors.

Partnerships Between School and Home

As a family-run business, we believe that education has the greatest impact when there is a partnership between home and school. That’s why we champion close cooperation between all members of our community.

Notes from our Young People, Parents & Care Professionals

At QEwC, we embrace innovation, finding different ways to help our young people achieve their full potential, where all previous and traditional routes have failed.

“This isn’t like a normal school. They treat you differently here and we all try and work together. As well as GCSEs we get to do work experience and also life skills, so you know what you need to do when you leave school.”

Year 8 pupil

“I feel young people flourish in Bryn Tirion Hall. One young man who has only been there five months is like a changed person.”

LAC Nurse

“I never thought my son would ever go to school until he got a place in this school. Since then he is loving school and really doing well. I can’t thank everyone enough.”


“This school has been much better for me than other schools. The staff have helped me to deal with my anger through learning to communicate more and understanding the consequences of my actions. I also like that pupils have more input in what the school does, through things like the Pupil Leadership Teams.”

Year 10 pupil

Our Education Provision


of school leavers over the past three years have gained recognised qualifications in accredited courses.


of pupils in the last three years left the school with an offer of a college placement.


of Quality Education with Care (QEwC) school staff believe they are treated fairly at work.

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