+Proactive Approaches

Date Published: 08/10/20

We are so pleased to be working with +Proactive Approaches.

Within our community we provide opportunities for everyone to achieve the best outcomes and reach their potential. All staff are aware that pupils in our School and young people in the Homes have specific individual experiences which may influence how they react in any given situation.

+ProActive Approaches is an ‘attachment & trauma informed’, behaviour support system for services (children’s residential, schools and fostering) who support children with social, emotional, and mental health difficulties.

The philosophy behind +ProActive Approaches is one of understanding, empathy and is built upon adopting a proactive and therapeutic, child-centred mindset in relation to behaviours of concern.

+ProActive Approaches draws heavily on contemporary research, PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) principles and direct practice experience. It allows staff to understand and respond confidently to behaviours of concern, using a wide range of proactive strategies and techniques.

By empowering staff members with the essential knowledge, they become inquisitive about children’s responses (often referred to as challenging behaviour). +ProActive Approaches equips staff with the correct skills to analyse and identify potential causes, considering possibilities ranging from, trauma & attachment, sensory, communication difficulties, frustration, anxiety or environmental factors. This important analysis not only allows staff to correctly recognise and understand behaviours, but subsequently develop an appropriate support plan which lessens the likelihood of behaviour reoccurring. It also aims to minimise the potential for empathy fatigue and blocked care.

+ProActive Approaches is a national training provider of ‘behaviour training’ with extensive experience in Social Care, Schools and Healthcare Settings.

Website: www.proactiveapproaches.co.uk

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